"Our Mission is to offer a one stop shop of professional therapists who’s main aim is to treat our customers with compassion and integrity to lead them towards optimum health. "

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Most people experience stress and anxiety from time to time and most of the time we can cope but there is times in our lives we need a little help. If we do not take control of our stresses it can become a problem both physically and physiologically. Our therapists offer a full range of therapies and advice to help you cope with your stress and anxieties.

Sports Injuries

At Healing Hands we work with all kinds of professional athletes from runners, to body builders, to footballers, to rugby players. Sport massage includes alot of stretches to the improve the mobility of the muscles. Obviously, we prefer to prevent injuries by treating our athletes regularly to keep their bodies in tip top condition, but there are times when injuries do occur and our sports therapist’s use a whole bag of techniques to help our athletes recover as quick as possible from their injuries.

Back and Shoulder Pain

Back, shoulders and neck problems is our speciality at Healing Hands, our professional therapists offer a full range of therapies to relieve the pain. Deep tissue massage is the normal choice of treatment we recommend for these issues. It can be painful but effective!!


Sciatica describes symptoms of pain, numbness and/or weakness that radiates along the sciatic nerve from the lower back to the buttock or leg. There is a number of reasons that could be causing this problem which needs an assessment to decide which direction to take for recovery or in a small number of cases we would refer you to your GP for further investigation. This can be a very painful problem but many of our clients feel a huge relief after just one treatment.

Health Assessment’s

Our experienced health therapist is available to help anyone who is looking to improve their health. Whether it is to improve their energy levels, improved sleep, stress, anxiety, alertness, skin conditions, fitness levels or general well-being she is happy to give advice.

Weight Loss Advice

Our health therapist is available to discuss weight loss plans for all no matter what their goals are. We offer an excellent support system, meal plans, fantastic recipes and a weigh and measuring service for our customers on the plans.

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In April 2017 we moved into our new wellness centre which is just 5 doors round from our old clinic. Our move allows us to offer many more therapies to help you with your health. Each room offers you a clean, private, safe and comfortable room for each of your treatments. It is our plan to run courses in Reiki, relaxation classes, meditation, health improvement classes, weight loss mind frame and mindfulness to mention just a few. We have also ensured our Wellness Centre is wheelchair friendly but please make us aware you need this facility when you make your appointment.

About Us

Healing Hands was founded in 1995. We are a team of highly experienced health professionals focused on helping you live a full, active and balanced life by providing the highest standards of treatments and advice to help you reach optimum health.

Our professional team of therapists all share a clear vision and understanding of health and wellbeing within a warm, safe, comfortable environment.

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Our Treatments


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese laying on of hands technique that promotes relaxation and, in some cases healing. It is centered on the Universal life energy which is channeled to you through your therapists hands to create a feeling of well being, relaxation and harmony.

60mins £40.00

Deep Tissue Remedial Massage

A Healing Hands speciality! Concentrating on specific problem areas, the therapist uses a variety of techniques to work on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to reduce the build up of tension. Highly recommended for those with back, neck or shoulder pain, but equally beneficial for any other muscular complaint.

30mins £26.00
40mins £31.50
60mins Full Body Massage £37.00

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage removes the tension that is stored on the scalp, neck, shoulders and upper arms. It rebalances energies and alleviates anxiety and also improve concentration and mood, and may also help insomnia,tension headaches."It is an incredibly relaxing treatment"

30mins £26.00

Sports Massage

Treatment for a range of sports injuries including sprains, torn/pulled muscles, tennis/golfers elbow, ligament and tendon problems. Muscle mobility is restored, leading to a quicker recovery and improved performance. This treatment involves alot of stretching to improve the mobility of the muscles.

30mins £26.00
40mins £31.50
60mins £37.00

Expectant Mothers Massage

Pregnancy is a time we can experience a lot of back pain so this treatment allows us to treat problems with the neck, shoulders and back whilst sitting comfortably on a chair. (recommended after your 1st scan).

30mins £26.00

40mins £31.50

Mummy, Baby Bliss Massage

A unique treatment for mummy's-to-be where we have put together a series of techniques that are specifically designed to ensure our pregnant ladies leave feeling completely pampered, relaxed and fabulous.

This treatment is the ultimate relaxation treatment for this special time in your life. A time for you and baby to completely chill.

60mins  £37.00

Anti Stress Massage

Take time to unwind with this soothing massage. The therapist uses relaxing light and medium massaging techniques to gently take you away from the stresses and strains of everyday living. "Time for you to take a timeout and chill"

30mins £26.00
40mins £31.50
60mins Full Body Massage £37.00

Thai Foot Massage 

A relaxing treatment to reinvigorate the body by working on the lower legs and feet. A combination of massage and reflex point stimulation is used to rebalance your body's natural energy. Ideal for boosting circulation, lymphatic drainage, combat stress and improve flexibility. (Wear comfortable clothing).

60mins £37.00

Hot Stone Massage

Traditional oil massage is combined with American Indian healing practises. The therapist heats a number of smooth basalt stones to apply added pressure to the muscles. The heat from the stones feels wonderfully relaxing. They can also be placed on points along the back, in the palms and between the toes to improve energy flow. Imagine yourself cast adrift on a sea of warmth. All the cares and stresses of the day floating away. The thermal therapeutic effort of the stones releives muscular aches and pains as well as the ultimate in relaxation treatments.

60mins full back and back of legs £42.00
90mins full body £52.50

Hopi Ear Candles

Ear candles have been used by many cultures since ancient times as an effective natural therapy. They induce a pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses that soothes and relaxes. A wonderful treatment for adults and children suffering from earache caused by a buildup of wax. This treatment can also help in the reduction of pain when flying. You have to try it to believe it.

30mins £26.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is gentle massage which involves the use of essential oils to promote psychological and physical well-being. Our therapist blends a special selection of essential oils together for your own specific needs. This is the perfect way to indulge in blissful relaxation.

30mins £27.00
40mins £33.50
60mins Full Body Massage£40.00

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which your therapist will apply special cups on your skin to create suction. People get this for many purposes including pain management, reduction of cellulite, to help with inflammation, blood flow and well-being. Many athletes use this therapy to aid sport injuries or to enhance sport performance. All area's of the body can be treated individually or as a combination e.g shoulders are one area, back is one area.

30mins - 1 area treated £26.00
40mins - 2 area’s treated £31.50
60mins - 3 area’s or more treated £37.00

Holistic Facial

Top of the range Swiss products chosen to suit your specific skin type whether it is problematic, anti-ageing, dry, oily or sensitive. This is a facial with a difference, your skin will be completely pampered but with a holistic approach where you will feel completely relaxed head to toe with our unique pamper massage and pressure points.

60mins £37.00

Anti-aging Facial

Similar to the Holistic Facial but the Genius Ultra emits gentle, low-level ultrasound waves tohelp push the product onto the various layers of the skinby getting into the ridges. This effectively maximises your Arbonne skincare products to work harder, for faster results!

60mins £42.00


More than just a foot massage, reflexology is the application of pressure, stretching and movement to precise areas of the feet to relax and balance the whole body. Time to put your feet up! May help Sinus problems, I B S, Fertility issues, Headaches, Stress, Migraines, Hormonal Imballances and Pain Relief. You're treatment is finished off with a relaxing foot massage.

60mins £37.00

Balinese Massage

A rhythmic massage that incorporates the use of light stretching, deep tissue, acupressure and reflexology to promote general wellbeing and relaxation.

75mins £50.00

Hands Free Massage 

Hands Free Massage puts special emphasis on using the therapist's forearms for a deep and effective massage, helping to relieve muscular tension and encouraging relaxation.

60mins £37.00

Our Therapists


Sharon Crombie Copland (Owner)

I set up Healing Hands in 1995 with my then partner (John) after qualifying in 1990 as a massage therapist and then over the last 27 years I have added many types of therapies to my name and built up a vast experience in health and wellness. Then in 2009 I made the decision to leave Healing Hands and went in a completely different direction but in April 2016 l was excited to returned when John left to move to Australia. It has been an exciting 1st year where we have more than doubled in size with many more plans for the future to bring our clients the best possible treatments and advice. I no longer actually work as one of the therapists in healing hands but l run my other 2 businesses from within Healing Hands so l can always be seen around the wellness centre. I am completely committed to helping the local people who reach out for help with their health and wellness.

Sharon is now a fully qualified hypnotherapist offering a sevice worldwide.


Kennedy Booth (Clinic Manager)

Growing up I had a passion for dance and through the years I occurred some injuries resulting in me attending physiotherapy and sports therapists. This led me to taking a keen interest in anatomy and physiology, I qualified in Swedish Massage in 2005 with SMTO then going on to Glasgow Caledonian University to study Sports and Remedial therapy through the Western School. I have been working as a therapist with Healing Hands since 2012. I am qualified in Anti-stress massage, Remedial/Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Hot Stone massage, Indian Head massage, Hopi Ear Candling and Seated Pregnancy. I have also completed my QA First Aid training award.


Dharma Crombie

I have been brought up within Healing Hands all my life as my parents were the owners and I pretended to answer the Healing Hands phone from the age of 2. Then in March 2016 my dream came true and I joined the Healing Hands team as a receptionist and I am now currently qualified as a Complementary Health Therapist from Fife College with qualifications in Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and newly added the ancient form of Cupping. I love working as part of the Healing Hands team as they have a combined wealth of 54 years’ experience for me to learn from.


Leanne Fairley

Originally born in Scotland my family emigrated to the U.A.E where I spent my formative years. I began my working career in Beauty Therapy in 2012 when I was granted an internship at a well-known Day Spa in the Middle East. It was here that I was trained in the art of Balinese massage. My interest in massage and complementary therapy began to grow and in 2013 I began studying Reflexology and attending workshops to broaden my skills. I am qualified in, Anti-stress massage, Reflexology, Remedial/Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Hot Stone massage.


Nicola Young

I originally qualified in Holistic Therapies back in 2007, I studied for 2 years at Adam Smith college gaining diplomas in Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Remedial/Deep Tissue massage, Indian Head massage. I also went back to college to study Beauty Therapy, I found a new passion for my therapies at this time and once I qualified I started working in a Spa where I gained lots of experience.


Lynn Smith


Rebecca Philp


Do I Need An Appointment?

Yes, just give us a call, or pop into the clinic. Our receptionist will be more than happy arrange an appointment for you and give you all the information you need for your visit.

When should I arrive for my treatment?

It is best to arrive 5 - 10 minutes before your appointment starts, this will give you enough time to unwind a little before your treatment begins. The times stated are appointment times and not treatment times. This includes undressing, dressing and consultation.

What If I'm Late For My Appointment?

Arriving late simply reduces the length of your treatment, thus lessening the effectiveness of the treatment. Your appointment will still end as scheduled so that the next client is not delayed. You will also be charged the full price of the treatment.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice of cancellation is required or charges will apply. To rearrange an appointment call us on 01592 772882.

Making Payment

Cash or Cheque and all major Credit/Debt cards are accepted. Deposits will be taken for long or double appointments.

Gift Vouchers

Make Family and Friends feel Special with a Healing Hands Gift Voucher. Vouchers can be made out for a specific Treatment/Treatments or Amount.
Vouchers last for 6 months and must be used on or before the expiry date as no extention time will be giving.

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